OX’s Director of Digital Media Talks All Things Media Sufficiency in New Podcast Interview

Chicago IL – September 27th, 2023 

“Media sufficiency” is the new buzzword these days, but what’s it all about? Hear what OX’s Director of Digital Media, Austin Fredrich and Greg Kihlström, host of The Agile Brand podcast have to say on the topic, and why it matters for campaign performance.

Austin and Greg discuss a range of topics, including why media sufficiency is important, benchmarking during the planning stage, segmenting your audience, and best practices to continually improve your campaigns. A successful campaign extends beyond creating compelling content, it requires consistent performance.

Media sufficiency is a key piece in the campaign puzzle. While having great content is important, it’s just as crucial to make sure it reaches the right people often enough. For advertisers and marketers, this means putting the right amount of money and effort into media exposure. Think of it this way: even the best message won’t work if it’s not seen by the right audience. So, investing wisely in media helps ensure your campaign truly hits the mark

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