Bryan Jones, CTO of the Office of Experience, Interviewed on “Modern CTO” Podcast

September 27, 2021 — Bryan Jones, Chief Technology Officer at the Office of Experience (OX), shared his expertise with the industry-leading business technology and transformation podcast Modern CTO, hosted by Joel Beasley. The episode, “Reimagining Your Brand Experience,” is now available to the public on all podcast platforms and will appear in the feeds of the show’s more than 88,000 listeners.

In “Reimagining Your Brand Experience,” Bryan Jones describes the unique, customer-forward point of view he and OX bring to every project. He and Beasley dive into OX’s organizational structure, and discuss the agency’s focus on driving results through cross-functional collaboration. Jones explains how OX’s collaborative philosophy and “outside-in” thinking lead to a more effective, comprehensive end user experience, and talks about the technology solution opportunities this approach presents. Using a tech lens, Jones describes the unique value of OX as a design-driven, digital-first and vertically integrated firm.

As OX CTO, Jones turns complex plans into concrete actions, drawing upon more than 20 years of experience in platform development, marketing services and global management experience to design one-of-a-kind customer experiences at OX. Before he joined the Office of Experience, he used technology to power innovative experiences for clients like Nissan and McDonald’s. Today, his expertise in multi-channel development and emerging technologies helps him create holistic, cohesive brand deliverables for myriad organizations.

Modern CTO serves up conversations with chief technology officers from a wide range of organizations. It sprang from the research efforts of host Joel Beasley, who in 2017 was interviewing multiple chief technical officers for his book of the same name. After numerous interviews with CTOs from all over, Beasley realized he wanted to share the conversations themselves—and thus, the podcast was born. The following year, Beasley was contacted by the CTOs of Microsoft, T-Mobile, Verizon and NASA, all of whom wanted to come and talk. Since then, Modern CTO has become a leading favorite in the technology and leadership podcast space.

Listen to Modern CTO: “Reimagining Your Brand Experience” here.

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