Carlos Manalo and Kevin Baum Present at “Digital Transformation Connect” Event

October 6, 2021 —On September 21, Carlos Manalo and Kevin Baum joined Digital Transformation Connect, a virtual conference produced by B2B Online. Together, they delivered “Getting to the Heart of Enterprise Digital Transformation / Serving the Customers,“ a multifaceted presentation on how to execute an enterprise organization’s digital transformation process in a way that’s efficient and empowering. Carlos is an OX Co-Founder and Executive Director. Kevin is the Head of Digital Transformation, and a Product Lead, at Dot Foods, a multi-billion dollar leader in food distribution. Through collaboration with each other and their teams, they led a successful digital transformation that has revolutionized the way Dot Foods and its partners do business.

How did they do it? With an unrelenting and positive focus on serving the customer. Through this single-priority approach, Carlos, Kevin and their teams helped Dot Foods progress and scale through the challenges of the transformation path—and emerge with dramatic results.

Kevin and Carlos acknowledge that it can be easy to lose focus, patience, momentum and faith throughout the digital transformation journey. They combat these risks with wisdom, hope and concrete recommendations. In this video, you’ll hear them cover the following topics:

  • Setting the Right Mission
  • Assembling and Keeping the Right Team Engaged
  • Finding Wins—Gas For the Tank (Finding the Right Hills, Setting the Right Challenges)
  • Dealing With Setbacks
  • Developing Discipline
  • Enabling a Culture of Progress
  • The Answer Points to One Place of Focus: Serving the Customer

Watch the video here, and be sure to contact us for help developing and designing your digital transformation.

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